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10 Things No One Tells You About Having a Second Baby

February 9, 2018

As you all know (or don’t know), I just had my second baby exactly one month ago! YUP! I also can’t believe it. I’m a mom of two now!

I’ve been dying to write something about my second pregnancy because there’s just so much thought and emotion to share. However, all my hormones have gone haywire. This pregnancy was different from my first and if you noticed, I was not able to write the last couple of months (sorry!).

So, for the time being, while I am working on my brain cells, tight schedule, and hormonal changes, let me share this very nice and TRUTHFUL article I read from Cosmo.


10 Things No One Tells You About Having a Second Baby 

1. You will forget you’re pregnant until week 37. Remember all the things you were consumed with during pregnancy no. 1? The hospital bag, the cute newborn outfits, the Pinterest boards of nursery decorations, the lovely baby shower with the gluten-free mini cupcakes, the prenatal yoga classes and massages to loosen everything up ~just right~? These are all things of the past now, my friend. You will be too busy wiping up the trail of toddler urine on the floor right next to the Goldfish crumbs your firstborn crushed into the carpet to even register that another kid is growing inside of you. When people ask you about your birth plan, you will shrug and say, “I don’t care as long as I get Burger King after.” And it’s a damn fine answer.  –> SO TRUE! I didn’t care about my diet. I ate anything I wanted. I carried heavy things (including my toddler). NO preparations and baby bag until 2 weeks before delivery. Sorry baby, but yes mommy was kind of reckless. 😐 

2. You will feel worse than you did the first time around. Sure, you’re older, which is part of it, because time is a cruel jokester who thinks it’s hilarious to add new, weird foot arch pain into the mix. But you’re now also chasing around kid no. 1, feeding him, dragging him screaming out of bathtubs, bending down to wipe his butt over and over and over and over — well, you get my point. There is less time to luxuriate in the simple of joy of being pregnant and more time to mutter, “Dear god, my back feels like it’s going to split at the seams, please let this be over soo— STOP CLIMBING UP THE BOOK SHELVES RIGHT NOW, GODDAMN IT!” –> Like I said, this pregnancy was different. It did feel kind of worse and better at the same time since I did not feel “delicate” this time around. 

3. You will feel guilty. One night, you’ll be in the middle of books and songs at bedtime, and then suddenly you’re worrying that the second child is somehow going to ruin the first’s life, that you’re abandoning kid no. 1, that you’re destroying the great life you and your family have already. Spoiler alert: You aren’t — it’s gonna be wonderful! Kid no. 2 is going to add so much delight and joy to everyone’s lives! And double the amount of Sharpie scribbles all over your new coffee table, yes. But also — joy! –> YES I did/do feel this sometimes. I was scared that I might neglect my first born, whom I loved dearly. On the 9th month of my pregnancy, just as I was about to deliver, I was able to find a nanny for her. It was a timely blessing because I really could not move much anymore, even more take care of a two-year-old. But at the same time, I felt even more guilty because I felt like I was giving her away. But now, I can see how she loves her sister so much and I’m so excited to take care of both of them when they can already play and interact. 

4. You will forget how to do all the newborn things. Weird, watery mustard-colored poops. Diaper explosions. That disgusting, dangling belly button scab. Wrangling their oh-so-tiny bodies in the newborn tub as they wail. Getting them to latch onto the boob. Figuring out where all the snaps connect on that godforsaken onesie your best friend gifted you. It wasn’t that long ago, but it will feel so foreign. –> MOST DEFINITELY! It’s only been three years but I totally forgot what it was like to care for a newborn. I thought I had it all figured out but NOPE! It was back to square one. I have a feeling my brain intentionally removed the sharts from its memory LOL 🙂

5. The same things that sucked before will suck again. Waking up every hour on the hour. Trying to figure out what bottle the baby will take (how do they even know the difference?!). That nightmarish transition out of the swaddle. That awful four month sleep regression when they abandon those six to eight hours of slumber and stay up all night like a college freshman studying for exams. Sleep training. They were horrible then, they’re horrible now, and you can’t take naps at 10 in the morning, because your older kid is staring at you, asking for yogurt and another Bubble Guppies episode. –> Ah yes, I think this is expected by a lot of new parents. The second baby is not any a different. And there’s no sugar coating here. Say hello to your giant eye bags and say goodbye to sleep for the next two years! I sleep for three hours straight a day if I’m lucky. Two hours is normal. 

6. You will be 110 percent more chill about everything. You haven’t bathed the baby in a week. So what. She hates tummy time and hasn’t spent a second on her stomach. No big deal, the kid’ll figure out the whole lifting-her-head thing eventually. Also, she spent an hour in the stroller without a blanket, and there was a chill in the air. You are living on the edge — and you just might like it! –> In my case, probably just a little more chill. Perhaps around 50 percent more chill about everything. I still get that OC-mom jitters sometimes. I still hate it when people who have not washed their hands touch her or go near her without permission. I still want everything clean. But yeah, definitely no more over reacting like with the first baby.

7. New parents will drive you nuts. There is nothing more insufferable to a second-time parent than a nervous, overzealous first-timer. Sure, this was you just a few years ago. But now you’re aghast that you once posted three separate Facebook status updates asking for recommendations about which organic sleep sack is the most breathable at night. Being a seasoned parent endows you with the great wisdom that none of it matters. But, you know, just don’t tell the first-timers that. –> Hmmm because I have a lot of friends who are new/first time parents, I will keep mum about this. LoL 🙂

8. Your firstborn might hate you for a little bit. It’s inevitable that you and baby no. 2 will be attached at the boob or the bottle. Your oldest child may feel left out or latch onto your spouse and ignore your existence. She may even be down right cruel to you, like a tiny, Cheerio-crumb-covered mean girl. It may even hurt your feelings, but don’t worry. Like everything else in the parenting game, this too will pass. –> So far, my first born is still her sweet self. No anger or tantrums but certainly more clingy at times. She wants to be involved so I let her help. She gets diapers for me and I pretend to leave for a few minutes and make her watch her sister (but the baby monitor is on). 

9. No way are you doing that stupid music class again. The only person who hates that dumb children’s music class more than you is your baby. So what if people tell you it’s good for their tiny, developing brains hear music. You won’t make the same mistake twice! You vow to skip the “Hello Song,” and turn on some Beyoncé. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s way more fun for you. Slay, mom, slay. –> Haha! I’m looking forward to activities (classes?) where my two kids can interact. Does not matter if it’s music or art class or even just a regular play date. 

10. Your kids will entertain each other when they’re old enough, and it will make your life so much easier. You know how everyone says screens are the best babysitters? They’re lying. Your kids are the best babysitters — for one another. Someday soon, they’re going to both get up at 6:45 in the morning, and instead of wailing your name or stomping into your bedroom, they will go wake each other and quietly read books together, allowing you to sleep in — before waking up in a panic at 8 a.m., wondering what the hell happened to them. Relax. Everything you’ve been doing as a parent has been building to this magnificent moment! Bask in your glory. You’ve earned it. –> YAY! Like I keep on saying, this is the most exciting part for me! I seriously can’t wait to see them play together and bond, maybe argue sometimes, but mostly just fill our lives with double the joy and love! 🙂



Thank you for praying for me and my growing family. I truly appreciate all the pleasant wishes I have received. May we all be filled with God’s love and continue being stewards of His goodness through our loving families. Cheers! 🙂



Newbie Mama the Second Time Around,

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