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A Beauty Like No Other

April 8, 2016

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” ~ Robert Browning

Exactly one month to go before a special day… May 8, 2016 is Mother’s Day!

Restaurants will be packed, flowers will be sold out (almost like Valentine’s Day), Spas will be fully booked, and children will show off their artworks for their mommies…

We really THANK YOU in advance for all your sweet gestures of expressing your love for us moms on this day; but how about what moms REALLY want to do? Don’t get me wrong, all the sweet tokens of appreciation and spending time with the family would mean the world to us. However, I think there’s something MORE we can do.

This year, with the constant advocacy for Women Empowerment in mind, I thought of what most moms would REALLY want – and that is, to feel beautiful and confident in their own way. Despite the many chores, many wrinkles from worrying, and dark eye bags brought about by lack of sleep…we still want to feel “beautiful”. Beautiful not just physically but beauty that comes from how you feel inside. Your confidence and disposition will radiate the beauty from within. And THAT is what we mothers should learn to rekindle with again.

These days, beauty may be defined as how much of that pregnancy weight you lost – are you back to being size zero again? It may be defined as how well you have learned contouring, how nice is your new gel polish, and how often you’ve had your hair treated with macadamia or Agran oil at the salon. Some may define it as how you can afford those expensive bags, wear those dazzling jewelry from your husband, or how you can still wear those micro mini skirts and stilettos with smooth shaved legs. Maybe also how those pores and wrinkles magically still refuse to show. (Are you kidding? I even have to time my baths these days! 🙂 )

On the contrary, I would like to think that a MOTHER’S BEAUTY is grounded on far more essential aspects of life and womanhood. . A mother’s beauty is defined by her unique capacity to contain emotions that most men cannot handle. A mother’s beauty is defined by how she can still continue to wake up in the morning knowing she has a million things to do. A mother’s beauty is defined by her selflessness and willingness to give up anything she has for the sake of her child. A mother’s beauty is defined by the unending love she can have in her almost bottomless heart, by her commitment and devotion to her children, and by her innate ability to nurture and keep a family together.

Indeed, a mother’s beauty is extraordinary; it is a BEAUTY LIKE NO OTHER.

So come and share this special day with all the moms out there! Inspire them to find their BEAUTY once again. If you are a mother, this is your time to rekindle with your beauty… If you have a mom, give her this gift of finding that beauty… A BEAUTY LIKE NO OTHER.


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  • Jen

    Wow thank you for sharing this! I would love to invite my mom here! I want her to know how beautiful she is from inside to out. I know I’ll be a great mom like she is. I am a soon-to-be mom and I’m very excited to show my compassion and love to my daughter as soon as she arrive.

    • lifestylebyabby

      Hi! Thank you for your appreciation. Yes, please feel free to share this with all beautiful moms you know especially your mother! Congratulations! I am sure you will be a great mom to your daughter! 🙂

  • Thanks, it was a good read.

    • lifestylebyabby

      Thank you! 🙂