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Battle of the Bingsu

May 19, 2016

This intense summer heat took my cold treats craving to the highest level! You know how much of a sweet tooth and ice cream lover I am. This climate just exaggerated it even more.

Anyway, aside from my all time favorite ice cream, I have recently been into this cold Korean dessert called Bingsu. Bingsu or Bingsoo is a very popular and elaborate snack or dessert in Korea, especially during the summer season. This snack is composed of ice shavings and various ingredients such as sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, various fruits such as strawberries, kiwifruit, and bananas, small pieces of rice cake, chewy jelly bits, and cereal flakes. It is often topped with ice cream or frozen yogurt.” Some mistake the Bingsu for Ice Kachang but they are two different things.

Ice Kachang – Not Bingsu!

Just like our Filipino delicacy, Halo-Halo, the Bingsu is composed mostly of shaved ice. Take note however that the kind of ice used is different from the typical coarse and granular heaps. The Korean Bingsu has its ice shaved so fine and smooth that it melts in your mouth. (Okay, now I’m craving for some again) 🙂 This is one of the main reasons why I love it so much – the smooth ice just makes my tastebuds want more and more.

I do not quite understand why our Halo-Halo’s ice couldn’t be as fine as the Bingsu’s ice. Is there a special Korean machine they use for it? It’s a legitimate question guys, you are all free to answer. Haha!

As I have been satisfying my Bingsu cravings for several months now, I’ll be sharing with you here three places I love to go to for my Bingsu fix.

  1. Café Seolhwa

If I’m not mistaken, Café Seolhwa is one of the first specialty Bingsu places in Manila. They already have a lot of branches and I particularly visit the one in Commerce Center, Alabang because it’s the closest to home.

Seolhwa’s Berry Cheese Bingsu is deliciously fruity and quite refreshing with lots of huge fresh fruits plus velvety cream too. Although, I think it needs a bit more flavor. For my sugar-happy tastebuds, it’s a bit on the bland side. Perhaps those who don’t like sweets too much will appreciate this more.

Berry Cheese Bingsu

Berry Cheese Bingsu

Cafe Seolhwa can be found at 7th Avenue, BGC, Taguig; Century City Mall, Makati; Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Paranaque; and Nuvali, Santa Rosa.

  1. Ice Flower

For people like me who live down South, this is a perfect little spot to get some Bingsu. Located at Molito, Alabang, this cute and quirky dessert place does not only serve super delicious Mango Cheese Bingsu, they also have a little snow room which serves as an attraction for kids! Even I enjoyed the falling snow inside the snow room! I also love the colorful and playful interior which mimics an indoor garden. My daughter and I love hanging out here! Not to mention how close it is to The Little Gym. Ah yes, perfect!

Their Mango Cheese Bingsu is so fruity and so milky at the same time. The tropical flavour is appropriate for summer. It does not have ice cream on top which makes it simpler than other Bingsus I’ve tried, but still delicious. Although I wish it had more of that super sweet mangoes in it. I love how they had extra milk which you can pour as you please. 🙂

Mango Cheese Bingsu

Mango Cheese Bingsu

Ice Flower can be found at Molito Complex, Madrigal Ave. cor. Alabang-Zapote Rd., Muntinlupa; and they just recently opened a branch too at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Manila. 

  1. Hobing

This relatively new place in Bonifacio Stopover is still on top of my list. As far as my taste is concerned, Hobing serves the best Bingsu in Manila! Would you just look at how exceptionally chocolatey this Chocolate Brownie Bingsu is? Mmm…

Choco Cookie Bingsu

Chocolate and Brownie Bingsu

Boy, they did not skimp on the ingredients, alright! It’s packed with all the goods. Some may find this a tad too rich or too sweet, but for me it’s awesome! Other Bingsus only add milk, sugar, and ice cream to add flavor to their plain fine ice, while Hobing’s fine ice is also flavoured. Strong!

Plus points to its location – just a floor away from Shawarma Bros, my favorite restaurant in Bonifacio Stopover! Yum! Haha shameless plugging! But seriously, come visit Shawarma Bros too!

Hobing gets full easily so I suggest you drop by at non-peak hours.

Hobing can be found at the 3rd Floor of Bonifacio Stopover, 31st Street corner Rizal Drive, BGC, Taguig. 


Bingsu is priced almost the same anywhere so it’s not much of a factor to consider. Unless, you’re really on a tight budget, and you’d prefer Dirty Ice Cream or Ice Scramble for 20 bucks. In general, Bingsu can be pretty affordable considering the size of each serving. The price range is roughly about Php200-Php280 per order. If you’re like me, you can get a large! Haha! 🙂

My one year old daughter seems to have inherited my sweet tooth as she loves Bingsu and ice cream too!

Whatever cold treat you choose this summer, make sure to keep everything in moderation. We still need to take care of our health more than anything.

Happy Bingsu-ing! 🙂




Always a Sweet Tooth,






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