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Bee Healthy with Langnese Honey

January 25, 2017

Upon receiving the invitation of Langnese Honey for their official launching in the Philippines, I was immediately thrilled! I have been a “honey user” for several years now and I’ve tried quite a few brands already. My current favourite is a local brand – Ilog ni Maria.

I use honey as a simple substitute to pancake syrup, as a tea sweetener (not for coffee because I like my coffee black), and as an important ingredient in some of my own recipes as well (maybe I’ll share some soon). Hence, I was very interested to learn about Langnese and what it has to offer.

Providentially, the brunch they organized for the media was not only a delight (more on that later), but also a very informative session, which made me appreciate honey as my pantry staple even more!

Read up, honeybees! 🙂

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Congratulations to Fly Ace Corporation for introducing Germany’s number one brand of Honey in the Philippines – Langnese! 

Langnese Honey is family-owned brand distributed in over 45 countries and is primarily known for its purest and most versatile flavors.

Honey is considered one of nature’s sweetest gifts from nectar that’s collected by bees and naturally broken into simple sugar. With the constant fanning of the bees’ wings, evaporation takes place in the unique design of the honeycomb that produces the thick, syrupy liquid we now know as honey. Interestingly, the color and flavor of honey is an indicator of its type of flower nectar collected by bees, thus leaves consumers with more flavor options.

Here are a just a few of the many facts that will make Langnese reboot your appreciation for high-quality honey:

1.Highest quality and purity since 1927

Langnese Honey is a family-owned brand for nine decades; it’s also a reputable market leader with a seal of approval from Germany’s Honey Ordinance and European Standard Basic Principles that strictly requires the safest and unadulterated quality. Meaning, it should be raw, unfiltered, and residue-free, with a limit of between 16% – 21% water content only. With Langnese Honey, it doesn’t only surpass these requirements, its name is a seal of guarantee that nothing is added nor removed from it!

2. Pollen-packed and certified safe.

Did you know that when a honey comes back negative for pollen test, it’s a sure sign of ultra-processing? That shouldn’t be the case because absence of pollens in the honey means there’s no way to determine whether the honey came from legitimate and safe sources.

Look at those hardworking bees!

3. Five decadent flavors for all types of fete and feasts.

Aside from Langnese Honey’s credible process and source, there’s none quite like its well-balanced, rich, and golden flavors that’s arguably highly nutritious!

Acacia is the ultimate breakfast companion. It has this natural woody taste which is perfect for dads I can imagine!

Golden Clear offers a sweet antidote to dips, salads, cocktails, and hot drinks. This tastes mild but a bit tangy.

Meanwhile, cooks and foodies can never go wrong with Black Forest. How unique! A Black Forest flavoured honey. It has a dark and bold flavour but not overpowering.

Wild Flower makes breads and pastries tastier and way healthier instead of refined sugar. Mild with some flowery sweetness and aftertaste.

And finally, my FAVORITE – Lavender is also lovely for sweetening all types of beverages like tea and is a luscious spread on breads. It has the right amount of sweetness and freshness. I love this!


Never thought honey could have so many flavours that all actually taste good! Great job, Langnese!

So with these facts considered, Dr. Cleofas Cervancia – a Professor at UPLB, was certainly spot-on in saying “NOT ALL HONEYS ARE CREATED EQUAL” – literally, and figuratively haha! 🙂 So it’s up to choose wisely!

Apart from Dr. Cervancia’s scientific explanation of how honey should be produced, there was also an enlightening discussion with Dietician-Nutritionist, Cheshire Que, about how honey affects our body. Not surprisingly, honey is found to be beneficial and a good substitute for table sugar. Although she also mentioned that we shouldn’t blame food but our own lack of discipline. (Ouch, truth hurts).

I just also want to make a quick shout out to the ever lovely and witty Ms. Patty Laurel Filart for adding more positive energy to the program. It was great catching up with you for a bit!

Finally, my favorite part of the entire event… THE FOOD!!! Hahaha! 🙂

Thanks to Marriott Hotel’s Executive Chef Meik Brammer, our tummies and taste buds were surely satisfied! More importantly, I was truly inspired to create more delicious and healthy dishes using honey. All his creations that were served at the buffet were SO SCRUMPTIOUS and all deserved a second serving. (Ahem or maybe it was just my huge appetite LOL :))

What a great afternoon well spent! It was naturally an enjoyable brunch treat for myself as a foodie mom! Thank you Fly Ace Corporation and Scene Stealers PR for making us discover sunshine in every serving of Langnese Honey. 🙂



Your Honey,

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