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Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid

June 30, 2017

Has anyone of you heard of Bubble Man? Sounds like a fun cleaning agent and yes you got that right, it’s a new brand of dish washing liquid. I really enjoy trying out new products, especially if they offer something different to the current ones we have in the market.

Bubble Man is a highly efficient, economical, environment friendly and Philippine-made Dishwashing Liquid that promises to make cleaning easier and more fun for the entire family. It’s always a YES to supporting local products!

It is three times more affordable than the marketโ€™s leading brand, rinses off easily and cleans more items than the average dishwashing liquid. A multi-tasker, a single drop of Bubble Man mixed in water can already be used to clean the kitchen sink. A few drops in a water bucket, can clean the entire floor, or the car, and because of its gentle formula, can also be used to clean toys and momโ€™s delicate make-up brushes.

The best thing I love about Bubble Man is its non-toxic biodegradable formula, making itย being very gentle on skin, preventing skin irritations and allergies. It’s safe and gentle but still cleans efficiently. Woohoo this is great for me since the current brands usually dry out my skin real bad.

Bubble Man comes in three variants: Lemon, Antibac and Kalamansi scents. The 270 ml size retails for only Php 32.50, while the 880 ml bottle retails for only Php 70.00, with special promo pack 270ml for only 55.00 while promo pack 880ml is only 130.00. So affordable and a wonderful alternative to your current dishwashing liquids.

You can find Bubble Man in all leading supermarket such as Puregold, Mercury Drug, Robinsons, Waltermart, Landmark, Fishermall Supermarket, METRO and other groceries nationwide and is a proud of Mikewell Corporation.

Give it a try, mommies! ๐Ÿ™‚



Enjoying the bubbles,

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