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  • Home Shopping Styling

    H&M Home Create

    I’m pretty sure a lot of you experienced another wave of Manila traffic hell the other day because of the rain. I did too. Was stuck in the road for six hours just to…

    August 11, 2016
  • Home Styling

    Color Obsession

    Ever since we moved to our new home, my husband and I have been obsessed with the colour scheme – GRAY and DUST BLUE/TEAL/SEAFOAM ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Okay, it was just me at first, but I…

    March 21, 2016
  • Events Styling

    Summer Photo Session

    IT’S SUMMER TIME! Calling all families to join in the fun! We are setting up a super fun CAMPING SITE and you are invited to play and have your very own PHOTO SESSION. Camp…

    February 29, 2016
  • Fashion and Beauty Styling

    Young Love

    Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination. ~Voltaire   Oh to be young and in love!ย โ™ฅ ย  I wonder why it is so refreshing to see and feel young love.…

    November 20, 2015
  • Events Styling


    Sometimes I still canโ€™t believe how time has gone by so quickly. From worrying about our studies and what weโ€™re supposed to wear, now Iโ€™m talking to my best friend about breastfeeding and what…

    November 2, 2015