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Color Obsession

March 21, 2016

Ever since we moved to our new home, my husband and I have been obsessed with the colour scheme – GRAY and DUST BLUE/TEAL/SEAFOAM 🙂  Okay, it was just me at first, but I rubbed off that obsession to my husband and now he’s forced to follow the colour scheme haha! But I’m glad he likes it too. 🙂

Our home is a tiny one.  We like to call it our “little box”.  However, size does not matter when you are fully enjoying your own space with your own family.  There’s a bedroom big enough to fit our queen bed and our things in the closet, a decent living room, a dining area, and a kitchen where I can cook our meals.  There’s a big enough bathroom and though it is also being shared with Andie’s nanny, I’m happy that it is always kept clean.

There is a strong “nesting feeling” when it comes to your own space and that sense of ownership brings out our creativity.  Even your own office cube, you already feel like making your own.  You style it the way you want.  What more for a home?  I guess there is a hidden “interior designer” in each of us and it manifests when it comes to our own home.

Anyway, as I was saying, we have been obsessed with this colour scheme for months now.  Ever since we moved in actually.  There’s just something so simple yet elegant about it. And the combination is so cool and relaxing to the eyes.  Apart from the colour scheme, we would like to maintain the minimalist design with a hint of Parisian accents.  Paris will always be close to our hearts because it’s where we spent our honeymoon.  🙂

Since we don’t want clutter in our tiny space, plus we want to save up and limit our budget, we want to make sure that the pieces we buy are items we really need.  Though I would love to hoard all the home accessories from H&M Home, they will just take up so much space.  Oh and how can I forget to mention that we also need to sacrifice styling for our baby.  Our home should be baby proofed and baby safe first more than anything.  So goodbye dainty porcelain pineapple and crystal encrusted candle holders.  We’ll get to that later on. In the meantime, let’s stick to the basics.

Here are some parts of our tiny home which follow our colour scheme :


Our gray curtain



Curtain up close with subtle floral design



Even the bathroom rug is following the colour scheme



The bathroom



The cute framed artwork personalised by my husband (Spot my favourite Bath and Body Works Mint Julep hand soap)



Some of our dinner ware


(Post for updating : I could not chance upon a decent photo of our living room as of the moment because my toddler loves walking around there.  I’ll sneak one photo when she’s asleep) 🙂


Hopefully, in a few years time, when we can afford a bigger and nicer home, we can style bigger spaces and have bigger ideas.  For now, we will cherish the moments and make more happy memories in our own little box.  🙂

Have a great week ahead! 🙂


The Home Maker,







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