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First Birthday Celebration : A Milestone

January 30, 2016

Celebrating a child’s first birthday is such a huge milestone.  I am speaking for myself but I suppose it’s also extra special for us newbie parents because it’s really a first time for all of us.  Personally, I had a wonderful time planning my daughter’s first birthday! And I have my  hubby and parents to thank, for helping me out in every way they can.

We look forward to this very special occasion, but sometimes we also feel pressure and anxiety over it.  Giving our child the best is like our life mission as parents and sometimes even on the little things, we pressure ourselves too much to live up to certain expectations.  Even I have pressured myself too much because I have been planning events for so long and I wanted my baby to have perfect party. But I have learned that there really is no “perfect” party, and no matter how big or small a celebration, what matters is how sincere, how fun, and how it is filled with love. 🙂

Our Family Milestone!

Our Family Milestone!

I would like to share my 5 tips on pulling off a special first birthday celebration for your child:

1) Have a BUDGET and STICK to it!

Some parents would be lucky enough to have so much budget for a party, while some parents would have it tighter.  You know what, it doesn’t matter!  Whether big or small, just allocate your budget properly by prioritising and spending wisely.

This is one difficult task, I tell you.  I also had a hard time sticking to my budget because I want to add this and that, thinking that it will make my party “more special”.  With the help of prioritisation, choose the top 3-5 most important things you’d like to spend on.  And then, if there’s left over budget, that’s the time you pick your add-ons.  Focus on what’s really important.

I’m happy to say that I was able to stick to my budget. BUT my parents wanted a lot more add-ons so they offered to pay for all of those (LUCKY ME!).  I let them because my daughter is their first grandchild and of course, who would not want those add-ons. 🙂

2) Impress Your Child, Not Other People. P.S. Don’t Be A Copycat.

Just because you saw this really cute and grand party on Baby and Breakfast, doesn’t mean that you can throw one exactly like it.  No two parties will ever be exactly the same and remember, this is all about your child and your family milestone, not about other people.  The only one you want to impress here is your child.  Not anyone else. 🙂

What does your child like? Does he/she have a favourite cartoon character or TV show?  Maybe you can go for that theme.  To each his own, but please, why throw a “Parisian party” for your child when she hasn’t even gone to Paris yet and she doesn’t even know what the Eiffel Tower is?  Try to be more realistic and try not to be pretentious.  It will also help you on number 1 (stick to your budget).  What do you want to remember about your party? Make it memorable.  Do you want your party to be outdoors to make it more fun and engaging?  Who will you invite?  Maybe you should invite more kids instead of inviting all your amigas.  These are the things you should consider.

I chose a bohemian baby / boho chic theme for my daughter’s first birthday because it was simple, refreshing, and “natural”.  I think this fits my baby’s free spirited happy personality as she loves music, she loves to sing and dance, she loves the outdoors, she likes sitting on the floor and having wind on her hair.  She loves flowers and flower crowns on her hair too!  Aside from these, I love shabby chic decor.  It was a perfect fit! 🙂

Your friend may have booked the grandest event venue or got the most expensive stylist and host, but it may not be applicable to you and your child!  Like I said, it’s all about you child and your family.  Don’t lose focus and when you’re confused or really clueless, just think of something that’s close to your heart. 🙂

Boho Theme

Boho Theme

3) Choose Your Suppliers Wisely!

I will need a separate post about this.  It will also serve as my suppliers review and rating.  You will find my recommendations there. 🙂

In the meantime, I just want to emphasise that not all expensive suppliers are as great as you think (with all due respect to them).  Yes, the “top suppliers” will deliver as expected, but sometimes, I find them quite overpriced.  There are so many up and coming suppliers out there with so much passion and creativity and who will give you great value for money.  Just do your research.  Also, some suppliers may be really good but are not fit for what you envision.  So, make sure also that they can deliver based on what you ask them, based on what you want.

4) Go DIY

This is one of my favourite parts of planning the party – my own personal touch.  What’s better than letting your own creativity shine through and creating things with your own crafty hands, all for your baby! 🙂  It’s not just fun and perfect for obsessive compulsive moms, but it’s also a good way to save and get to allocate more of your budget on other things.

I personally made my daughter’s table centrepieces as DIY project!  I also made the dessert buffet with my mom, and helped my stylist with some props too! It was so much fun, and if only I had more time, I would really do more.  I truly encourage all moms who have the time and creative juices to go DIY.  You won’t regret it! 🙂

My DIY Table Centerpieces

My DIY Table Centerpieces

5) Have Fun!

This is probably the most important thing of all.  Remember that this is a milestone for your child and for your family and despite the busyness of it all, don’t forget to have fun! 🙂 Besides, you’ll great on photos if you’re always smiling! Haha! 🙂

Seriously though, I know how it feels to be such an obsessive control freak.  For something as special as this, we just want to have the best.  But taking things less seriously and just having a great time will make this celebration a truly wonderful one!

Entertain your guests, join the games if you have to, sing and dance if you must, play with your child and encourage him/her to have fun too! This is your family’s party.  Learn the true meaning of the word CELEBRATE! 🙂


Our Little Boho Princess


– – – – – – –

I hope that my two cents will somehow be helpful to you.  I’m glad to share our special milestone with you all.  Good luck on your party planning, mommies!

With that, let me share with you snippets of my darling daughter’s bohemian baby / boho chic themed birthday party! Enjoy! 🙂


Flower Crowns for the Girls



Scarves for the Boys


Lovely Styling by Sweet Street Manila


Boho Details


Boho Details


Boho Details


Boho Details


Boho Details



The food sign


Memorabilia Corner


Some Prizes


Boho Cake by Naked Cakes


Loot Bags


Her secondary cake


Venue: One Rockwell


Sorbetero (Free Advertisement)



Dessert Buffet



Happy Birthday Our Dear Bubba!


Happy Baby!



Family Milestone


A Happy Party-Planning Mommy,


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