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Getting Tots Busy

June 9, 2016

Raising a toddler who is growing more active and more adventurous each day can be quite challenging. Aside from being physically ready, you also have to be mentally prepared because a growing tot now requires more than just the basic needs (feeding, cleaning, and sleeping). They now require more interaction and more emotional guidance. You have to teach them, play with them, and stimulate their minds for a more holistic growth and development.

My one year old loves reading her books, playing with her toys, singing and dancing, colouring, and, watching cartoons. These are her usual playtime activities but of course her curious mind loves to explore new things. A trip to the mall or to Gymboree will definitely make her day more exciting but what if we’re just staying home?

Admittedly, stay-in days can be longer and more tiresome, especially if your child gets bored easily. So us moms have to be creative enough to keep our children enthusiastic and excited to learn.

Sharing with you here some fun TODDLER ACTIVITIES which my daughter love to do at home. These are the usual but I’m still on a hunt for more and hopefully these will keep her busy for now.



I used to love stickers back in grade school. I had so many sticker albums and collected all kinds of cute “stickies” then. I remember always bugging my parents to bring me to a sticker shop in Makati every time I get high grades. Oh how time has changed.

Anyway, I find it amusing that my daughter also loves stickers. I just got curious and bought a pack of stickers one day. I tried to make her play with it. Lo and behold we now have sticker wall in the room! She absolutely loves them!

So every chance I get, I buy a pack of stickers for her. When she’s older I’ll probably also give her sticker albums.



I bought coloring books and washable non-toxic crayons for my daughter as early as 13 months. She loves them! Of course she can’t properly color within the lines yet, but seeing her stroking the crayons and really enjoying

We can also do finger painting using home made paint safe for kids. I’m pretty sure she’s going to taste those. 🙂

(I just realised I haven’t taken a photo of her colouring activities. Will update this!)


I find it so adorable that my baby loves to sing and dance. But what is more exciting for me as a parent is when I see her so engaged in playing musical instruments. She has her own ukulele, xylophone, and mini piano. And she can spend hours playing with them. When she’s older, I’ll definitely enroll her in any music class she likes to further develop her love for music.



Can you believe that one of my daughter’s first words is CAR (“cah”)? She loves car rides (except when traffic is bad) and she always points at a car whenever she sees one.

When she’s inside the car she would always make the “vroom vroom” sound and would pretend to be steering the wheel. How cute!

On a normal day, she would ride her Sofia the First purple car and drive manually (with her feet) around the house. Haha! Maybe in time, we could get her an automatic one. Always remember to start simple. Once you get your kids the premium toys, they might have a hard time appreciating other things.



She also loves going to the garden to pick flowers and look at plants. She probably got this from my dad – her grandpa (she calls him “papa”). Though I haven’t really exposed her that much yet to the grass and soil due to her sensitive skin, she already loves the outdoors in her stroller or while being carried. Exposing kids to nature is always a good thing. Just be careful of pollens and insects and make sure your child is not allergic to them.


My flower child



Aside form kiddie books, I also got her Disney Magazines. She can’t read them yet but they are more colorful and the characters are familiar to her. She always imitates the characters, which is really cute!

Just some of her favorite books

Just some of her fave books to “read”



As I’ve said, it’s better to keep your ideas simple for now. She has a lot of electronic high tech toys given as gifts, but I haven’t opened them yet. I want her to explore the more modest yet highly stimulating toys and activities.

I really want to avoid gadgets as much as possible but we know how difficult that can be especially since kids see us holding our phones all the time.

In essence, the more significant part is the time you spend together with your kiddos!

Please feel free to suggest more activities we can do together. Looks like I’ll be needing more. 🙂



Fun Loving Momma,


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