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Healthy Thirty

September 3, 2016


Can you believe the BER months are here? You know what that means. It’s the start of Christmas season in the Philippines! 🙂

Kidding aside, our family would like to welcome this month with a whole new attempt to achieve a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. I say attempt because trying to be healthy is no joke. I’ve tried so many times and failed! But as a family, we can help each other out and that would make us stronger in achieving our goals.

– – –

It was actually my husband who started this fresh resolution. He’s starting to eat healthy now and would also insert some time for exercise at the gym despite his very busy schedule. And for those who know my husband, that is a HUGE step and such a drastic change from his former unhealthy habits (lechon, burgers and steaks, meat meat meat, smoking, drinking).

I am m so proud of him for finally jumpstarting this soon to be amazing accomplishment of “Healthy at 30”. How timely as it happens to be his birthday month too this month!

So as a supportive wife and also a believer of wellness, I will try my best to keep up with this healthy lifestyle. My pace will definitely be slooower but it’s important to at least get a head start NOW.

You see, wellness does not just mean trying to losing weight and going into all these diet programs. Real wellness is about staying away from disease, having the right and balanced nutrition, having a strong body regardless of how it looks, and of course having a stress-free and happy mind. It’s a holistic state that requires discipline and patience.

Sounds daunting? Well, it is. Like I said, developing a healthy lifestyle is no joke. Considering my love for sweets, my limitless appetite because I’m still breastfeeding, my zero time for any form of exercise, and my predisposition to binge and order fast food… it sounds almost impossible to switch. But it’s always important to start somewhere right? I CAN DO THIS! 🙂



HERE ARE FIVE WELLNESS TIPS (for myself) and for others like me who are attempting to jump into this healthy new lifestyle:


Any form of “diet program” for me is crash dieting. No Cohen or Atkins or, for the love of God, Kardashian diet please! Even if it’s simple calorie counting or a doctor-approved complicated meal planning, as long as there are restrictions, it’s crash dieting. I don’t think we should deprive ourselves of anything. We can eat whatever we want in moderation. Skipping carbs such as rice because it will make you fat? Uhm, yes if you eat 3 cups per meal! But if you eat half a cup of brown rice for lunch, I don’t think that’s unhealthy. Dark chocolate is proven good for the health, but if you eat one whole bar everyday (ahem OOPS!), then you’re saying hello to diabetes! They say a glass of red wine occasionally is good for the heart, but if you drink a bottle every other night, you might want to see a liver doctor. Even cholesterol (good cholesterol) can be good for the body if it’s just the right amount.

The problem with us is we always tend to overdo things. It’s either we eat so much or we totally take it out of our diet – both of which are extreme for the body. The key here is FINDING THE RIGHT BALANCE. Only a balanced meal will provide the right amount of nutrition. Good amount of vegetables and fruits, some meat and protein, some carbs, and a bit of fat and sweets. Stop starving and stop being a glutton! Eat until you’re 80% full and not stuffed. Don’t skip meals and think it did you good. Ah yes, always easier said than done. 🙂


Okay, this part I know is a big concern for a lot of us. Who sleeps early in the city? No one does! Especially not mompreneurs like me! But we have to try to get as much sleep as possible. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it be gotta find a way, sisters!


Another impossible thing to do? Well, it’s all about perspective. Stress is inevitable for sure. It’s how you deal with it that makes the difference. Never let it eat you up alive but also never keep it locked up in your chest. Find forms of stress relievers such as sports and hobbies, crafting, watching funny movies, eating your heart out –just kidding that’s not healthy. Do anything that can make you feel better and lighter. If it helps to talk to someone about your stressors, then do it.

Many of us think that working out means you have to go to that fancy gym or enroll in an expensive yoga and pilates class. NOPE! For busy moms like me who don’t have time for that trendy spinning class with the millennials, exercise can be as simple as brisk walking at the park with your baby, or doing a few sit ups and push ups at home while you’re waiting for baby to wake up. You can be creative! As long as you don’t become a sedentary couch potato, you’re good.


Okay by this age, you should be “all partied out” already right? Come on, we’re no longer teenagers! Quit the bad stuff! How many times do you have to hear that smoking and excessive drinking are bad for you? You know it, you’re just too stubborn to quit. It won’t hurt to TRY.


Let’s please stop eating junk. They are called “junk” food for a reason. They are garbage and they don’t do anything for our bodies but take space in our tummies and provide superfluous trans fat, sugar, or sodium that we don’t need. But like I said earlier, no need to totally deprive yourself. A few pieces of Lays or Cheetos maybe once a month (choose baked or less salt if available) might not hurt. Snack wisely. There are healthier potato chip variants too.

– – –

And speaking of eating REAL FOOD… I’m so glad I discovered this store near our place that sells all kinds of healthy food! Hooray! Located in Molito Alabang, Real Food houses all kinds of healthy snacks, organic ingredients, vegan sauces and marinades, even meat and fresh produce! Aside from housing all these local healthy products, the store is oh so cute! Even my daughter loves coming here to play with the fruit baskets and vegetables haha! 🙂


With our fast paced and demanding lifestyle, preparing healthy meals is one of the most grueling and time-consuming tasks for a homemaker. It requires a lot of time and effort (and budget too!). Sometimes, I am guilty of just ordering in or buying take out.

Having stores like Real Food, Healthy Options, Echo Store, etc. somehow alleviates the hassle of having to prepare everything from scratch. Of course, nothing beats cooking those fresh fish and chicken from the market but we can’t always have that. So I am just thankful that I can still (hopefully) meet our health requirements with these specialty shops.


Oh the choices to be made!




Organic little babies 🙂


Organic spices with no MSG


The magic box of vegan ice cream mmm…


Oh I could shop here everyday! If only I had enough budget! The downside to healthy eating is the price. Healthy food is more expensive than regular food. 🙁


Some of our favourite snacks from my shopping haul


P.S. Thanks to the friendly staff of Real Food for always sporting a warm smile and allowing bubba to play around while I shop.



“To keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not be able to trim the lamp of wisdom, and keep our mind strong and clear. Water surrounds the lotus flower, but does not wet its petals.”  ~Buddha


Here’s to HEALTHY THIRTY and beyond! 🙂





Loves to have a Healthy Family,


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