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Hello Kitty Cafe Manila

August 29, 2017

Hello Kitty has always been a part of every girl’s childhood. She is a character every girl (even boy maybe?) would recognize and kudos to Sanrio for that. And though I am not really a Hello Kitty fan, I have to admit I got excited when I found out they were opening a Hello Kitty themed café here in Manila several months ago. Having a young daughter makes you excited about a lot of unusual things. Haha! 🙂

So, we visited the newly opened Hello Kitty Café two weeks ago at Uptown Mall in BGC. We went there on a weekday to avoid the long queues. I think it was a Tuesday after eating lunch. There was only one group of ladies in line ahead of us so we waited for only about five minutes.

Though it was just in a small space, it was easy to spot the establishment because of course of everything Hello Kitty and because it’s near the escalator.

So how did it go? Well, because it was only their soft opening, I will TRY to be nice.


First of all, I really expected more Hello Kitty pinkness and a prominent appeal for children. Never mind if it ends up borderline tacky. That should be how it is right? Anyway, there was nothing striking about the design. It seemed like an average café with a few Hello Kitty themed décor. My daughter doesn’t even notice it whenever we pass by. She only got excited when I pointed it out, when we were already there. I think the design is more appealing to adults because it has this Marie Antoinette vibe to it. Maybe they were going for classy subtle Hello Kitty and not the kiddie Kawaii.


Next, the service was not that good. The café had enough staff and they were dressed appropriately and seemed like they really tried their best. I guess they just have to try a little harder?

Finally, the most disappointing part – the food… 🙁 I am not sure if they will be revamping their menu but please, I hope they do!

This cake was supposed to be a rich chocolate truffle cake but it was bland and uninviting.


And this blueberry profiterole… tasted like soap 🙁


Both were priced quite high as expected but I wouldn’t mind if they tasted great.

And come on, a Hello Kitty paper topper? Seriously??? No Hello Kitty shaped candy on top? Or Hello Kitty shaped fondant icing? I got this chocolate cake because it was the only one that looked like it came from a Hello Kitty themed café because of the pink couch (not even Hello Kitty herself). The rest are just plain desserts. So sad! I saw some photos on Instagram of some cakes with better designs, maybe they were not available when we visited.

Not to brag or sound like a snob, but this did not compare at all to the Hello Kitty Café in Seoul Korea. Even the waffles there were shaped like Hello Kitty and the coffee had Hello Kitty froth! The whole place was pink and you wanted to take a photo of everything. My daughter would have loved it there.

Okay, to be fair, we only ordered dessert so I can’t speak for the savory dishes. A lot of customers ordered savory dishes so maybe they tasted better. I heard the Carbonara had a Hello Kitty egg on top yay! I really hope they still get to improve on their dessert menu.

At the end of the day, it was still an enjoyable experience because I saw my daughter happy and excited. She did enjoy the cake too because she’s a sweet tooth like her mom. I won’t spoil it for her and tell her that Hello Kitty cafes in other countries are waaay better. Haha that’s such a bad mom thing to do! Maybe she will be the judge of things like that when she turns seven. In the meantime, I will cherish her innocence and take advantage while she’s still easy to please. 🙂





Hello Kitty Café

Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City

(02) 817-7596

(better to call for reservation especially on weekends)

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