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I’m An Ally Against Dengue

July 17, 2016

As a first time mom, my already existent paranoid disposition has manifested even more. Two Three times more, especially when it comes to my daughter.

Basic things like seeing her chew on some of her dirty toys, a common stumble, loss of appetite, missing a pedia appointment, and eczema flare-ups, already scare the bonkers out me. What more if I encounter more serious mishaps?

If there is one thing I am most scared of right now as a mom, it would have to be serious illness or disease afflicting my child. THANK HEAVENS the past one and a half year, she has never been seriously sick! Except for that one time when she was still six months old and had Urinary Tract Infection with fever, she is very healthy and growing fast.

Just the thought of her suffering from any kind of pain and being confined in the hospital makes my heart so miserable. Hence, I am on a mission to keep my child safe from all forms of sickness as much as I can.

With that, I am excited to share with you that as a mom, I am actively part of this remarkable campaign against one of the most prevalent illnesses that can lead to fatality – Dengue Fever.

Dengue cases in the Philippines are quite common especially during the rainy season. There are actually about 200,000 cases recorded last 2013 and it has been increasing yearly due to a growing population, pollution, climate change, and a lack of awareness and participation of community. The frightening data depicts about 167 out of 15,000 cases in the Philippines will end in death. ๐Ÿ™

And how can you get it? BY A SIMPLE MOSQUITO BITE! Imagine, your little ones can suffer fatal illness just because of a bite of an Aedes Mosquito!


So I thank Glaxo Smith Kline and its partners the Department of Health, CNN Philippines, Smart Parenting, and Mercury Drug for producing this ALLIED AGAINST DENGUE MOVEMENT and inviting us to be part of it


The ALLIED AGAINST DENGUE MOVEMENT is a GSK Consumer Healthcare regional initiative that aims to galvanize key stakeholders to unite, take action, and defeat dengue, and reduce its impact on society.

By building awareness, prevention, and control, it is bound to stop the disease before it even worsens. After all, I have learned many times that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.


#AlliedAgainstDengue was launched last July 12, at The Manila Peninsula with reputable and knowledgable speakers Heather Pelier of GSK Regional, Dr. Lyndon Luy and Dr. Tayag of Department of Health, Dr. Sally Gatchalian, the President of Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines, and brand ambassadors Jolina Magdangal and Rowena Lei. This informative event enlightened us on the causes, effects, and possible prevention methods to battle out dengue.


Sharing with you here aย quick summary of everything Iโ€™ve learned that day:


With all the information I have, I am empowered and motivated to keep dengue out of my family. And if ever the sneaky virus still manages to affect you and your family, at least you know what to do.


Again, thank you GSK and Rowena for the invitation. I am grateful to be part of this movement as it acquiesces with my mission to keep my child healthy and safe. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and thank you for these helpful goodies too!





Empowered Mom and Ally Against Dengue,


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