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International Women’s Day

March 8, 2016

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” – Diane Mariechild


Today is International Women’s Day and I just want to simply honor ALL WOMEN in the world… of any race, any religion.


Black women, White women, Asian women…

Single women, happily married women, divorced women…

Single moms, working moms, stay home moms, women who can’t have children…

Widows, women with disability, women who survived cancer or a severe disease…

Successful professional women, athletic women, women in politics…

Women in vocation (nuns), women in prison, abused women…


We are all beautiful creations of God and we are gifts to our parents/husbands/children/colleagues. Our minds and bodies were created so perfectly that we are able to endure the pain of childbirth, are empowered to nurse and nourish our children, and are strong enough to balance a professional life while taking care of children… Is there anything a woman can’t do? How many women have succeeded in sports, business, politics, and of course in raising a family?

No matter what circumstance we’re in, and no matter what challenge we face, I know that women are the most resilient human beings. With bodies that can bear anything, with minds that can contain so much information, with hearts that can have limitless space for love, emotion, and affection, women are the founding pillars of our society and we must be honored and proud.

At the same time, with our own set of limitations and shortcomings, we must bear in mind that we have the support of our fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, and of course our fellow women… They will be our friends, companions, and allies… They will help us complete our mission in the world, help us see through our weaknesses, and they will lift us up when we are down. Let us not reject them and keep them away by being too harshly feminist. Instead, let us work with them hand in hand and make the world a better place for the future generation.

With all of these, I would like to show my admiration for three amazing women I know…


  1. My Mother

My mommy is a super woman.

She lost both of her parents to a freak accident when she was 25, with a budding new career in the corporate world, not yet married, but already had my dad as her boyfriend. I know some people lost their mother/father at an earlier age but it doesn’t mean this is less painful.  Imagine losing BOTH your parents very suddenly to a very tragic accident. It was probably one of the most painful things anyone could ever experience, and yet, I never heard her talk about anger, sadness, or bitterness. I always saw her as the strong woman with conviction, with values, with goals. (Sometimes too strong that we would argue hehe) 🙂

She was still is a working mom and she was able to successfully balance her career and still take care of my brother and me.  I don’t remember my mom being absent in any of our important milestones.  Though she never got to pursue her law degree, she still works in an 8-5 corporate job.  She is a working mom but manages to cook us delicious meals all the time! My husband and friends can attest to her chef-like cooking skills. She does the marketing and grocery (never the helpers) and she cleans our rooms too! She truly inspires me to be the best home maker I can be!

I wish I could be like her, able to do all of these things, and still take care of my children. I love my mom so much and I will always be grateful to God for giving me such loving and kind parents.


  1. My mother in law

We lost my father in law 2 years ago to heart failure. It was sad, especially for his wife and kids. Yes, my mother in law is now a widow. I saw her cry, I saw her sadness, I heard some of her complaints, but she lifted everything up to the Lord. She made God’s grace her saving grace.

Even before this happened, she has been the breadwinner of the family as my father in law could not really work anymore because of his condition. I have always admired her intelligence and industriousness. She works really hard and I’m sure everyone who knows her, knows this. To the point that she is sometimes called a workaholic…

With her small frame, you would think it was almost impossible for her to bear more than three children.  But she has raised three sons and had several miscarriages in the past too. Today, my husband is a doctor, and his two brothers, also doing well.

With her impressive credentials, any employer would want to hire her. Today, she is a CEO of a good company here and in the USA.  Impressive right?

Best of all, she is a woman with so much devotion to the Lord. That is what inspires me most about her. Every time I see her pray, it makes me feel like I’m such a bad Catholic. She would go to mass everyday if she can, she prays the rosary, reads the Bible, and more importantly, listens to God’s message and shares it with us, her children.


  1. My friend, Kat

Kat lost her entire left arm when were in 4th grade. Everybody knew about the big accident that happened in our school fair. One batch mate lost her life, and next to her, Kat was the one severely injured. I got the chance to know Kat in 3rd year high school (10th grade). We became friends through one of my best friends Lala, and until now the three of us consider each other very close friends. 🙂

Kat was very athletic even before the accident happened. She was a basketball varsity player and she was very much into Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, just like my hubby. She was a very active and cheerful person so you can just imagine what happened when suddenly lost her arm.

Kat never stopped loving basketball and she continued to play despite her very obvious disability. And until now, she excels, and even plays better than some of the boys in our batch (haha peace guys!). She also drives her own car, plays the Play Station, graduated in a good college, she also had a boyfriend (but is single now, so all of you single guys this amazing woman is available hehe), and now she’s lifting heavy weights (even I couldn’t even move) since she’s been into 360 Fit! WOW! Amazing right? What an inspiration! Every time I see her lifting videos, I just feel so sorry about my lazy couch potato a*s who can’t even run 1 kilometre without panting heavily.

She is truly a great role model for women with disability and I hope that we can all look up to her and share her strength and passion to live a normal life without being held back by anything.

You are amazing, Kat, and I am lucky to be your friend! 🙂


They are only three among SOOO MANY inspiring women in the world. I can name a lot more but I don’t want to bore you with all my raves.  I just that  hope one day I can be an inspiration too.

To all little girls especially to my own little girl, I hope you all grow up to become strong, smart, and resilient. You are the future generation of WOMEN who will make this world a better place to live in. 🙂





Proud to be a woman,


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