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LBA’s Choice: Monthly Favorites for August

August 31, 2016

Right before the month ends, I can’t forget to share with you my favourites for August!

They’re mostly food P.S. I gained more weight goodbye hot momma dreams. LOL! 🙂


Here goes my list:

1. My current favourite Soft Serve Ice Cream, ladies and gents! It’s simple, plain but not bland, no frills but oh so yummy! I am talking about Bucky’s Milk Soft Serve. Yes, my old school favourite brownie dessert (Oops #BuckysNotABrownie!) now has its own resto that serves food and yummy ice cream! Woohoo! They just opened a couple of weeks ago.


I used to just pick up a box of Original Bucky’s from the next street. Congratulations to the guys behind this! Gosh only a hundred bucks for a good serving of soft serve ice cream. Makes my day all the time. 🙂

[You can find Bucky’s newest place at Poblacion Makati near Rockwell Powerplant Mall] 


2. My current favourite Churros place (and it’s in the South woohoo!!!)… LLUCIA CHURRERIA

Again, I’m really going back to the classics. Simple yet delicious! Having too much going on sometimes just spoils the real flavour (don’t wanna name names but yeah). And of course, how can you go wrong with cripsy churros on top of yummy soft serve haha! I’m on a roll with soft serve ice cream this month! 🙂


[You can find LLUCIA CHURRERIA at Madison Galleries Alabang] 


3. Morganfield’s Sticky Bones and more!

What can I say? Food coma! The four foodies in our family got so stuffed with the platter we ordered at Morganfield’s. Their Sticky Bones are soooo gooood. Melt in your mouth tender flavourful Hickory goodness mmhhmm! Worth every calorie! Top that with all the yummy other sidings and samplers of Nachos, Fries, Salad, Sloppy Joe’s, Mashed Potato, and more! I don’t know how I was able to stand up and walk after that meal.


[You can find Morganfield’s at the newly opened Uptown Mall in BGC Taguig] 


4. Brace yourself for Bahn Mi Kitchen  

Brace yourself indeed! Bahn Mi Kitchen is going to be big! The boys behind this new brand turned the simple Vietnamese sandwich favourite into a mouth watering (and filling) meal which you can’t help but crave for over and over.


Sorry no decent photo, I wanted to eat it already!

All their flavours are so unique and memorable plus they solved my biggest setback about the bahn mi bread being so tough and hard to eat. Their bahn mi is super crunchy! Great job, guys! Hope you open a branch in the South! 🙂

[You can find Bahn Mi Kitchen at SM Megamall, BGC Stopover, and the POP Retail Lab in Rockwell]


5. Jarheads 

Uhm, clever brand name and clever recipe? YAAS!

I didn’t think Banana and Macadamia would be such a good combo! And especially not as a jam! But here comes Dave, concocting his unique jam flavours, making us foodies go crazy.



[Find Jarheads on Instagram or his number listed on the bottle]


That’s all for now, fellow foodies!

Here’s to more months of favourites (and hopefully some that can help me lose all the weight I’ve gained too haha!) 🙂


Gained 10Lbs So What,


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