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July 15, 2016

The changes motherhood can bring to a woman really never cease to amaze me!

Whenever someone from the family (or even friends) would go to the US without me, I would always try to get away with a few purchases from Amazon. These purchases would include skin care and bath products not available here, a pair of shoes that can’t be bought in Manila, some novelty items, and food of course!

Now that I’m a mom, my shopping habits have definitely changed. I have become slightly thriftier now AND my purchases are mostly composed of… Well, SOFIA THE FIRST, MY LITTLE PONY, AVENT, FISHER PRICE, and OXO TOT… Haha!



Since the variety of baby products in Manila are quite limited, I have to resort to online shopping. 🙂

– – –

Now that my daughter eats and drinks a lot, I have to make sure she’s using the right products which are most suitable for her needs. For drinking for example, I feel that she has more special needs. She never really used a feeding bottle as she is exclusively breastfed. So, she only uses a real cup to drink her water, milk, and juice. But you know, she’s only one year old and can’t use a drinking cup perfectly yet. Hence, I have to look for the perfect training cup (NO SPOUT, NO STRAW, but with good control of water flow).


Trying out three kinds of drinking products for the bubba. On the leftmost is from my favourite brand OXO TOT. It’s a nice training cup which can be covered to a big kid cup too after. The Minnie Mouse cup is from THE FIRST YEARS, another good brand. Aside from the very cool controlled drinking capability, it’s designed with bubba’s favourite character! And lastly, a simple big girl cup from OXO TOT again.


For eating, I ordered a BPA-free slotted plate from the Disney Store with no one else but her favorite, Sofia the First! Plus, a pair of ergonomically bendable training spoon and fork since she has been trying to eat on her own. (Whimpering because she’s growing too fast) 🙁


Check out my Instagram for a video of these bendable utensils!

Can’t wait to use all of them and let you know which one works!


– – –

Can you believe I did not purchase anything for myself??? Really! I know guys, you must be proud of me. 🙂

I guess it really applies to everything these days… Baby always comes first! 🙂

Happy weekend and happy shopping! 🙂




Shopaholic Momma,


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