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A Rose Like No Other

July 25, 2017


Flowers have always been the most common gifts or tokens of appreciation for women of all ages. Flowers are given to the girl he likes in school, to grandma who is sick, to moms on Mother’s Day, to your sister on her graduation, to the wife on your anniversary. Whether it’s a single rose, a cute bouquet, or a grand arrangement, I’m sure these women will always appreciate the beauty of flowers. Personally, I also like receiving them from my husband.

However, despite the beauty of fresh blooms, we have to admit that they are quite on the impractical side. They don’t come in cheap and then wilt in weeks without any trace of your efforts, except maybe for that cute note card you wrote.

Luckily, I found a great alternative to the traditional fresh flowers! Look at this pretty bunch of “roses”…



Aren’t they pretty? Well, they are not your ordinary bunch of blooms. They actually have a more sensible purpose than being ornamental… These flowers are actually PAPER SOAP FLOWERS!

YES, you heard that right. This beautiful bunch of flowers is actually something you can use every single day. You can place a rose in a small glass tray and display it in your powder room. Use each pretty rose petal as fragrant hand wash!



And that’s not the best part! The greatest thing about this perfect gift item is that it is made by a seven-year-old kiddopreneur, Keisha Gesilva! I don’t know about you, but that impressed me a lot and made me want to buy tons of her products. Imagine, a seven-year-old with an entrepreneurial and creative mind. I can’t wait to see what else she creates when she’s 18 and 30. Kudos to her mom, Lorby of TreenManila.Com!

I can’t wait for my daughter to create something as wonderful as these and somehow make a difference. I’m definitely supporting her too just like this amazing mother and daughter tandem.

So if I were you, I would reconsider my gifting strategy. I would like to call it #PurposefulGifting as my friend, Carla of WinsomeBox would say. It’s a full circle perspective. Find practical things that have a greater impact not only to the recipient but also to other people around. 🙂


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Attempting To Live A More Purposeful Life,

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