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Safeguard Against Germs, Mom Against Flu

August 23, 2017

Though I honestly enjoy the cooler climate now, living in the tropics also means ushering in more fickle weather. The wet season also entails the spread of common flu viruses and germs making people, especially kids, more vulnerable to sickness.

For this month of August alone, my toddler has already been sick with flu twice! 🙁 That’s just a 1-week gap for recovery and now she’s got a cold again. Gosh it’s really frustrating especially for OC moms like me. We hate seeing our kids get sick, that’s for sure! I know that weaning off breast milk could be one of the causes of the low resistance to illness but apparently there’s more.

Due to the uncontrollable weather outside, we tend to stay indoors in the hopes of being safe and protected from the season’s threats. However, I realized that staying indoors does not necessarily mean my daughter is safe from all germs and illnesses. Many objects inside our home can actually be germ-infested.

These shocking realizations were all revealed to me after attending the SAFEGUARD SCIENCE DISCOVERY TOUR last week.

It was really an eye-opener and I thank Procter and Gamble Philippines and Safeguard for inviting me to this informative event.

Swabbing an umbrella handle and placing it in a device that can actually count the germs! Results were yuck!


Imagine a simple umbrella handle could be a source of many germs and infections. Every surface we touch, especially if we came from outside without washing our hands, can easily be contaminated. And when the kids touch these two, we know what to expect next.

So what is the solution? It is pretty simple but we often take it for granted – MAKE IT A HABIT TO KEEP OUR HANDS CLEAN!

Washing of hands is one habit we should never overlook because doing so will seriously do wonders for our health. Simply use warm water if possible. Then scrub and lather well washing the top and bottom of your hands, between the fingers, and even under your nails. Lastly, avoid drying your hands using a shared hand-towel. Use paper towels or a hand dryer instead.

Do not forget the most important part of washing though! Use an antibacterial soap known for its ability to provide advanced and long lasting protection against germs, like Safeguard. Safeguard is equipped with GermShield+ technology, which fights against 3 types of germs – the Gram+ bacteria, Gram- bacteria, and fungi. It also prevents microbial regrowth for up to 24 hours. Now that is genuine protection.

First dish: Bacteria from unwashed hand;   Second dish: Bacteria from hand washed with Brand X soap;   Third dish: Bacteria from hand washed with Safeguard


Oh and for moms like me with babies and toddlers, don’t worry about the misconception that Safeguard brings protection but is harsh on the skin. It was also a concern of mine before but after personally trying and testing it through scientific experiments during the tour, Safeguard proves to be kind to the skin. Some other brands, which claim to be “mild”, may actually be more harmful.


Thank you, Safeguard for that notably informative discovery tour. My OC mom worries have been pacified. Now all I need to do is to get a flu vaccine for my daughter, give her a proper balanced diet, and ensure she gets enough sleep, and she’ll be stronger and healthier than ever! 🙂

I will definitely continue to make Safeguard my defense partner. It helps me protect my family from germs and sickness. It has been a trusted brand for so long and I am glad I have proven its effectiveness in keeping my home clean and my family safe.






Defensive Momma,


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