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Skin First with Glossier

August 13, 2016

[UPDATED POST April 2017]

Skin First. Makeup Second. Smile Always.”

That slogan alone made me love the brand already even before trying their products.

Great skin philosophy you got going on, GLOSSIER!


– – –

Even back in college or when I was still single in my early twenties, I was never into makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I like looking pretty, as any girl would. But I leave the professionals like salon stylists and my favorite makeup gurus to do the trick for me. I like looking at makeup and know the good brands but would only purchase basic products every now and then. My makeup “bag” contained just pressed powder and a lipstick with coral shade. There was a time when I purchased a lot of beauty products during my trip to Korea but they all ended up unused and expired. How wasteful.

In my late twenties, I got obsessed with skincare. I purchased a lot of skincare products of great brands such as Clinique, Shu Uemura, Avene, Clarins, Shiseido, etc. but my laziness got in the way again… All the lovely (and expensive!) products ended up tried once or twice then expired! Ugh! I just couldn’t form the habit of putting all those “gunk” on my face, really. I scolded myself several times and tried my best to develop a good skincare routine but failed miserably. 🙁

Up until this day, I am still struggling with my skincare habits but since I already turned 30 a couple of months ago, I am finally more MOTIVATED to take good care of my skin. I don’t have a choice this time! It’s a MUST!

So here I am, only at the first step… trying to discover the best products, which are most suitable for my skin. (Yeah, should’ve done that long ago).

Last year during a trip to the US, this late bloomer discovered Glossier. I fell in love with their minimalist style, clean and simple design, and as above mentioned, their genius slogan! 🙂

I recently purchased some of their best selling products decided to try them out. And if I like them, I’m definitely going to include them in my still currently developing skincare routine.


These Glossier products look mighty fine. I’m a sucker for anything clean and simple looking.

[Will update this post for the reviews of the products! Watch out for it!]

In the meantime, please help me with this serious girl problem slash late quarter life crisis undertaking. I will really commit time and effort in it. First step is to find the right products and then for me to USE THEM REGULARLY. I can already see and feel the ageing in my skin huhu 🙁

Feel free to suggest your tried and tested Holy Grail products PLEASE! (Calling all derma friends too! 🙂 ) Thank you in advance!




Gosh I am so sorry for the late update! After 8 months, I finally get to tell you guys about these products. When I bought Glossier products back in December 2015, not a lot of people knew about it yet. Glad that more girls in Manila got acquainted with the brand already. More people to ask about the products instead of trial and error haha!

So let’s start with my LOVES…

First up, the Glossier Balm Dot Com. My Holy Grail balm. It is AH-MAZ-ING! Really my favourite Glossier product of all time! The texture and moisture are perfect for my constantly chapped and dry lips. Plus the scent and taste is DIVINE! I absolutely love the Cherry flavor. YUM! They should rename this to “BOMB DOT COM” ’cause it really is bomb. This is definitely going to be a staple for me now. I bring it everywhere and since I rarely use makeup of lipstick, I simply can’t live without it haha!

Next up, the Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser. Love this one too because it’s mild and unscented and glides off your face so smoothly. You’ll really feel like you’re using something fresh and natural as opposed to having that tight squeaky feeling on your face. Seems like it gets the cleansing job done but I don’t think it will work on its own if you have full on thick makeup to wash off. But for people like me who rarely wear makeup, this is GREAT!

The next two products, I’m not such a big fan of…

The Glossier Priming Mositurizer is okay. Nothing great. Just your typical moisturising cream. It doesn’t do anything for me so look for other options. 🙂


For the masks, the Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask is the one I like more. It really did moisturise my face. However, I think there are far better alternatives to it. Unfortunately, the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack gave me tiny rashes so I won’t recommend it. Maybe it was doing its job of detoxifying but anything that gives me rashes, I automatically stay away from. I’m not that adventurous haha 🙂

New discoveries.

The Glossier Haloscope in Quartz is such a beautiful highlighter! Super cute packaging and easy to apply. Unlike most highlighters that are too shimmery, Glossier has the perfect kind of bright yet natural shine that I’m looking for. Love the moisturising effect and it really does give a nice dewy glow. However, it easily fades on my skin. Probably because I’m oily and it’s so humid in Manila. It only looks great for two hours then it’s gone. 🙁 Maybe they should reformulate something for the tropical weather.

Since eyebrows on fleck have been on trend for a while, I have always been on the hunt for easy to use, lazy-mom-friendly eyebrow makeup and the Glossier Boy Brow is one of them. Easy to use product that gives a super natural groomed look. You can even use it as a mascara if you forgot to bring one. Haha! I like it!

Definitely repurchasing the first two products I’ve mentioned! Yay! Now on to the next skincare and makeup hunting session.

Cheers! 🙂




Must love thy skin,


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