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Summer Essentials for Kids

April 10, 2017

Hey it’s vacation season!

With the very long weekend coming up in a couple of days, I’m pretty sure most families will be going on vacations out of town, road trips, and staycations. As a mom, it will always be our task to make sure our kids’ overnight bags are ready and packed with the essentials.

Whether you’re staying indoors or outdoors, this terrible summer heat is one to watch out for! Let’s make sure we have everything we need to protect our kids from the harsh sun.

Sharing with you a simple list of my TOP 10 SUMMER ESSENTIALS for kids:

  1. Summer Hat

Aside from clothes that will keep our kids cool (tank tops, shorts, dresses with light cotton material), it is also equally essential to keep their heads protected at all times.

[My bub loves wearing this cute straw hat in the photo from H&M whenever we hit the beach or pool.]

  1. Sunglasses

We often neglect eye protection since it’s not very common for kids to wear sunglasses. However, if you’ll be exposing your kids to direct sunlight for a long time like at the beach, they really need to protect their sensitive eyes.

[Bought these cute kiddie sunnies from Children’s Place in California for only about $5]

  1. Bug Repellent Spray and Moskishield Patches

Don’t let bugs and bites spoil the fun of summer outdoors. I usually spray on their shoes and clothes, not directly to the skin.

Now the Moskishield patch is the perfect partner of the bug spray. Just stick them on your kids’ clothing. Better to stick them at the back (butt, back leg) so they won’t accidentally touch them, play with them, or peel them off. They come in cute animal designs too.

  1. Kid Friendly Bad Aid

Getting some cuts from playing outdoors is quite common so make sure to cove them with Band Aid after cleaning and washing them thoroughly. I also use bandages to prevent new insect bits from being scratched. Make it fun and choose designs with their favorite characters so they won’t feel like they have scratches/wounds.

  1. Comb and Hair Accessories

Unkempt hair is not good for the sticky-ikcy weather. Keep hair away fro the face with cute little clips and hair ties.

  1. Calmoseptine

The all around ointment for burns, scratches, insect bites, prickly heat, rashes. It has a natural cooling effect too.

[Bought this from Walgreens in the States]

  1. Mustela Bebe Skin Refresher

BEST SCENT EVER. I am guilty of also using this as my own cologne slash skin refresher. It smells great and moisturizes and refreshes the skin. So nice to abuse spraying it on during scorching hot days.

You can buy it most department stores or Mustela stalls in nearby malls.

  1. Physiogel AI Lotion

Our Holy Grail lotion that saved my bub from eczema attacks. It’s the only lotion that really helped improve her skin. And just because it’s oily, hot, and sticky outside, it doesn’t mean you should skip this. Moisturizing is even more crucial for our parched skin.

[We buy Physiogel from Mercury Drug or Landers Superstore]

  1. (Not in photo) Sunscreen

We use the Mustela Bebe sunscreen with SPF 50. It’s effective, not sticky, unscented, non comedogenic and safe for kids. While most say that it’s important to apply sunscreen everyday, I only apply sunscreen when we will be exposed to the outdoors for a long time like when swimming or playing outside.

  1. WATER! H20! AQUA!

Last but definitely not the least, THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL – clean drinking water. Hydration is key! Always bring a bottle of water everywhere you go and you’ll be fine.

[This is her favorite bottle from the Disney Store in Japan]


Though we love going out, I think it’s still best to stay indoors from 12:00NN to 3:00PM when the heat is at its peak. Global warming and climate change has taken its toll on us and the weather condition gets worse every year. Praying there’s still something we an do about it.

In the meantime, enjoy your family vacations! Be safe and have an awesome time! 🙂



Vacation Ready,

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