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Sweet Tooth Tuesdays

July 12, 2016

Being a MAJOR SWEET TOOTH slash self-confessed sweets addict, I thought it would be perfect to share with you my classic and/or unique sweet finds every week! Let’s devote Tuesdays for this, shall we? 🙂

Yep, sweets are regularly part of my grocery/shopping list. Whether it be ice cream, a chocolate bar, cake or pastries, I MUST have my sweet stash in my pantry to get through my week.

Don’t we all have guilty pleasures? I know this habit is rather unhealthy, but I really can’t help it! The best I can do is to TRY and eat them in moderation…And pray that I don’t get diabetes. 🙁

– – –

So here are three of the newest additions to my STASH OF SWEETS!




Come on. Don’t pretend it’s just me. Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies! Kids and grown-ups alike! Though I have a special place for Soft-Baked Gooey Melty Chocolate Chip Cookies in my heart, the classic still never fails. Besides, these cookies from Slice are somewhat healthier than most. At least that’s what they say.

I love how these bite-sized goodies are not crispy but also not the soft chewy kind. The texture is just right. It has the classic choco chip taste that comes with a little less guilt.


  1. SPECIAL MACAPUNO WITH BUTTER from Yellow Sprinkles Food Shop

I came across this unusual dessert while checking out a food bazaar in SM Aura. I got used to loving the traditional sticky macapuno as a child (macapuno is soft young coconut strips usually candied in sticky white syrup, and normally used in Halo-Halo). So when I saw those DRY and CHUNKY pieces of macapuno coated with powder and were apparently “buttered” too, my foodie curiosity was instantly tickled and I just had to have a free taste…

Then, viola! Immediately my sexy momma dreams, once again, has disappeared… flushed down the drain.

These babies, which look like Turkish Delight, are soft chunky young coconut, which still somehow resembles my old favourite, but are just so much richer and creamier and easier to eat too! Hence, I can finish a full container in one sitting. 🙁



Pastillas is another classic Pinoy sweet treat that everybody loves. Milk candies covered with sugar, aka Diabetes. But when these geniuses from Taste N See invented toasted pastillas…Man! It’s a different story altogether! I discovered this last year and I just couldn’t help but buy pack or two whenever I see a stall.

The combination of toasty-burnt sugar on the outside with the soft and gooey milk inside is just so addicting! Sometimes, even the simple forms of innovation can really take you further!



How about you guys? Any favourite sweet treats you can share with me?

Excuse me as I indulge on my goodies for the week! 🙂



Always a Sweet Tooth,


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