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The Dessert Kitchen

March 10, 2016

Those who follow me on Instagram know how much of a dessert person I am!  Being a sweet tooth is an understatement.  How about dessert queen?  Haha!  Not to exaggerate but I can really live on sweets (if it’s possible without getting diabetes).  I can have sweets for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!  Sweets make me happy, sweets take my stress away, sweets make me…Fat. 🙂

Last month, I tried the newly opened The Dessert Kitchen a week after it opened in Rockwell Powerplant Mall last February 4.  It’s a franchise brought in from Hong Kong.  As expected, the lines were looong (both for dine in and take out) because we Filipinos are into anything new.  Since we were not in a rush after our dinner in CPK, we decided to dine in.  The place was cozy – good for couples having dates, but not good for big families or for parents bringing their kids (that’s me).  We had to wait for about fifteen minutes.  Service was okay but could be better.

So, I didn’t know what to get.  I didn’t read any reviews before heading there so I just chose based on the photos and descriptions (they had a nice menu).  We ended up getting these desserts:

The Romantic Valentine parfait (P258) which was topped with corn flakes, strawberries, peanuts, pistachio crust;



The Cocoa Kiss sundae (P168) which had chocolate ice cream, coffee jelly, cocoa crisps, banana, chocolate pearls, and soft serve vanilla ice cream;



The Winter of Love sundae (P168) which had cookies and cream flavoured ice cream, corn flakes, tapioca, diced mango, milk pudding, and soft serve vanilla ice cream;



The Strawberry Serradura (P198) which is a tea biscuit pudding that tastes like ice cream cake.  It looked too pretty to eat!



I would have loved to try the others like shaved ice and eggettes but maybe for next time.  I may be the dessert queen but my tummy capacity hit full at that time. 🙂

Though I enjoy all kinds of dessert, I was expecting a bit more from The Dessert Kitchen.  The dishes were yummy (and they looked great too), but I did not find anything special about them.  Nothing stellar, just your ordinary sundaes/parfaits.  I don’t think I will crave for them or go back often.  I’m amazed by how the fruits (mangoes, strawberries) were all so sweet and fresh though.  And since the price is reasonable, I guess it’s worth a try.  If you are looking for a sweet ending to a filling meal from the restos in Rockwell, this is a good go-to place.  I still want to try the other items on the menu, just so I know how they taste like.

Happy dessert-ing! 🙂

The Dessert Kitchen
3/F Power Plant Mall
Rockwell, Makati
Contact No.: (63995) 448-8233

Sweet Tooth Forever,



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