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The Power Dressing Momma

October 11, 2017

Fashion and style are most often associated with high-end and luxurious designer brands. While it is true that fashion empowers individuals to boost self onfidence and encourage creativity, I think that it’s really all about individuality and that beautiful form self-expression. Hence, you can still be stylish without wearing a $5,000 dollar outfit.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion and style because as an individual self-expression, it reflects the distinct personality of that man carrying that bag, this lady strutting a jumpsuit, and that woman working those heels.

Fashion is for everyone and you definitely own your style. Don’t you agree? 🙂

That being said, I was pondering about what my Power Dressing Looks are. Power Dressing by pure context means “a style of dressing in which people wear certain clothes to make them seem powerful”. Many of us would immediately think lavish formal wear or sharp corporate business attire. Though there’s nothing wrong with that, I just think there is more to Power Dressing than the usual dapper blazer and red stilettos.

Power Dressing for me would involve a personal choice of style. For me, it’s wearing the classics. I enjoy wearing classic elements and simple outfits with flattering cuts and versatile silhouettes, most of the time in neutral colors. My favourites are black, white, and nude. These are timeless pieces that give me the power to dress them up or dress them down.

Classic pieces are also very versatile and they almost always compliment most shoes and bags. Thus, you can play around and go bold with your accessories if you are aiming for a more flamboyant flair.

The “Little Black Dress” is a perfect example of a classic piece that can go a long long way! You can glam it up or wear it as it is and still look stunning.

My personal style empowers me and gives me confidence to face the world because I think versatility is power. The ability to transform one outfit into a dozen more looks is just remarkable. Moreover, you will have great authority over trends instead of pressure to follow a certain craze. And finally, to possess something that does not go out of date in any season? That’s so much dominance and power when it comes to fashion.

That would be my initial uncomplicated response to what Power Dressing means… And then I realized, there was more to it than just fashion and personal style.

It’s not just about sharing my love for LBDs, and the longevity of timeless pieces – it is really about the POWER TO DRESS YOUR BEST REGARDLESS OF SIZE, SHAPE, COLOR. It is the power to dress BEYOND your preference or that perfect picture you have in your mind, and opening yourself up to possibilities!

Power Dressing means feeling confident about oneself without feeling pressure to follow certain rules on fashion because you know QUALITY, COMFORT, and BUDGET are more important that showing off that hefty price tag.

As a former marketing practitioner in the corporate world, I was used to getting dressed for meetings and occasions and never imagined myself finding comfort in wearing sweat pants and loose t-shirts. But like I said, it’s opening yourself up to possibilities.

From corporate fashionista to stay at home mom 

As a mother, I am raising my toddler daughter (currently without a nanny) and I am also expecting my second child in three months. Yes, I am very much pregnant right now! None of my LBDs fit me and I don’t intend on wearing heels anytime soon. But I still consider myself as a Power Dresser. In fact, pregnancy and motherhood brings out the best “fashionista” in me because I feel confident and happy with my baby bump! I wear comfortable clothes without thinking if it matches the current trends. I wear what I want to wear and nothing or no one can tell me otherwise. Maternity wear is is my ultimate Power Dressing suit because it represents my individuality as a woman of purpose. It truly empowers me and fuels my confidence regardless of my choice of outfit, as it gives me the sense of contentment despite the changes in my body.

Motherhood has also really taught me to value quality and comfort over trend and brand. Therefore, investing in excellent quality clothing for my family and me is a must. Good quality does not necessarily have to be expensive but definitely indicates VALUE. As the budget planner of the family, we have to make sure everything is well accounted for. Clothing is in fact not a top priority, but when we do purchase, they have to be of great value for money. I guess in this note we can say, “fashion is an investment”. As such, QUALITY CARE of these garments is very important as well.

Good thing, a well trusted brand Electrolux has come up with its all new genius washing machine line – the FashionCare.

Designed to fit perfectly into our laundry and lifestyle, Electrolux will let us experience a whole new way of washing our clothes. Imagine a washing machine that can wash all kinds of garments and a machine that loves and cares for your clothes as much as you do. Sounds like a mom to me!

Just like us moms, Electrolux FashionCare is tough and resilient yet full of love and gentle care. Tough on stain, yet gentle and safe on our clothing, Electrolux FashionCare makes sure we are ready to power dress everyday! It is the perfect companion we can trust when caring for our valuable designer pieces, favorite comfortable clothes, soiled toddler clothing, and even delicates.

Delicate toddler clothes but stained with food, milk, and paint?

How does it get the job done?

First, with the new and unique UltraMix™ technology, water is pre-mixed with the detergent and activated even in cold water, ensuring a deep yet gentle clean. This delivers an exceptional deep clean even at 30°C, keeping your clothes vibrant and newer for longer. Just like a mother’s touch, it ensures clothes retain their softness, shape, and color.

Next, with Electrolux’s innovative Vapour Refresh quick cycle program, you will get wrinkle-free clothes with less ironing hassle, without the need for special detergent. It refreshes your clothes, leaving them smelling fresh and looking like new. Not only that! The Woolmark certified cycle will safely launder precious woolens with the gentlest treatment and care of hand-washing.

Watch brand ambassador and top Philippine fashion designer Rajo Laurel rave about the new Electrolux FashionCare too:

It's official! Rajo Laurel is the first-ever Electrolux FashionCare Ambassador! Catch a glimpse inside his amazing studio. #RajoxElectrolux

Posted by Electrolux on Thursday, September 7, 2017

So with all these extraordinary features, the budget conscious moms in us would now think that this technology may be too expensive! Thanks to Electrolux Load Sensor™, the machine automatically senses load weight, determines optimal washing time, water and detergent while guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency. In fact, the Electrolux EcoInverter reduces energy consumption by 75% while guaranteeing long lasting performance and silent operation. Woohoo! It really deserves an applause doesn’t it? 🙂

And that’s not all! My favorite part is that the Electrolux FashionCare line is that it is 99.9% ALLERGEN FREE! Electrolux Vapour Care reduces allergens even at 40°C while taking care of your family’s well-being. This is just perfect for expectant mothers like me and for moms of newborn babies.

What more can I ask for??? I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these babies!!! 🙂

Electrolux FashionCare is absolutely my perfect Power Dressing Companion! Just like a strong and confident mother, it is tough on stain while providing gentle care for our valuable clothing. I trust that it will never fail me as I face the world confidently beautiful with whatever I choose to wear, especially my maternity clothing – my ultimate Power Dressing Suit! 🙂

– – –

To discover more about Electrolux FashionCare‘s greatness, visit their website now! #ElectroluxFashionCare




The Power Dressing Preggy Momma,

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