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Valentine Gift Ideas for Happy Hearts this Vday

February 9, 2017

Happy hearts month, everyone! 🙂

We very well know that February has long been celebrated as a month of love and romance. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here comes yet another yearly dilemma for men during love month – WHAT TO GIVE THEIR WIVES and/or girlfriends!

It gets tougher for couples who have been together for so long. Just like my husband and I – we’ve known each other since high school. So, you can just imagine AND LAUGH at all the thoughtful presents I have received from him the past THIRTEEN Valentine’s Days. From the cheesiest cards to the biggest bouquets and tackiest teddy bears… But hey, I’m not complaining. I’m thankful for EVERYTHING I received from husband. Through the years, though our celebration of Valentine’s Day has evolved into the simpler and more “mature” ones, he NEVER FAILS to make me feel special. The most special was actually in 2015, when came from the hospital with not just a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me, but also big heart shaped balloons for our newborn daughter. How sweet is that? 🙂

Many of us (mostly the cynics – admit it!) would say that Valentine’s Day is just another “Hallmark revenue generating scheme” and that love should be celebrated every single day, not just once a year. Though I absolutely concur, I think there’s nothing wrong with joining the universally celebrated bandwagon, especially if it means making a loved one feel cherished.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve already seen all forms of Valentine “gimmicks”. From the tacky teddy bears in cans with chocolates, which my then high school sweetheart bought using his allowance, to an expensive piece of jewellery he saved up for; from the cheapest bouquet of flowers he bought from Dangwa because it was close to med school and he got off his hospital clerkship at 4:00AM, to lavish dinner dates at hotel roof decks and private dining restaurants; from cheesy 90s love songs burned in a personalized CD, to a full rock band playing a song for me on stage… All kinds of presents and gestures, big or small, simple or grand, they only mean one thing – “I REMEMBERED, AND I DON’T WANT YOU TO MISS OUT TODAY, BECAUSE I LOVE YOU”. *Insert giddy smiles here*

OKAY, NOW BACK TO THAT DILEMMA! There are hundreds of things you can give your wife/girlfriend on V-Day, really. You can be creative! It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one you can think of – it just needs to be something she will appreciate (please don’t give her flowers if she’s allergic) and something that will let her know YOU REMEMBERED. As cliche as it may sound, it’s really the thought that counts. 🙂


Just a little help here:


A girl who tells you she doesn’t like flowers is a liar! Come on, everybody loves flowers! Even if these bouquets are the most impractical presents ever created (YES THEY DIE IN 7 DAYS), who cares? A nice arrangement of pretty blooms, maybe in her favorite color, can DEFINITELY make a girl happy. Even just for a while.

I recommend these pretty elegant blooms from PETALIER

Aren’t they GORGEOUS? Their flowers last longer and the pretty boxes can be recycled too! A bit on the pricey side but great value for those willing to throw in some extra cash for their ladies. 




While chocolates are the most conventional – ‘cause DUH they’re YUMMY… Try to be more creative when it comes to giving food. I don’t know about other women but THIS is my favorite. Haha! The way to my heart is thru my tummy so please, shower me with these amazing gifts! LOL 🙂

I recommend these delectable CHOCO LIQUOR CAKES 

These are not your usual chocolate cakes. They are meant for special occasions thanks to the special kick of bourbon on the rich and creamy mocha. Oh by the way these are made by celebrity Maricar Reyes Poon. 🙂

I also recommend the Confetti Dream Cake of The Sweet Life by Ange

What a totally cute Valentine surprise (literally) in that yummy piece of cake!

I also recommend these amazingly good (and cute) alternative to real roses, Bacon Roses from Lazy Bastard. Yup, you read that right, BACON ROSES.

I also recommend the Valentine Edition (heart shaped) Avocado Cake of Lia’s Cakes In Season

What’s not to like? This sweet and delicate Avocado Cake just spells romance at every bite. Yum yum! 


All women are vain. Yes, whether they admit it (DOUBT THEY WILL) or not. So please feel free to read a couple of beauty magazines and go shopping at Sephora or Beauty Bar for some special beauty loot. Besides, seeing your woman all pretty works more to your advantage, right? 🙂

I recommend Marc Jacobs’ Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme

For your lady’s natural looking, soft and kissable lips, I’m sure you will love as well. The formula is amazing and the soft pink shades are suitable for most skin tones. 


I also recommend the ever so lovely Guerlain Meteorites 

Such a versatile product in the prettiest make up form you’ll ever see! Plus XX beauty points here! Oh and don’t forget the brush too! 🙂

How about this much coveted Becca Jaclyn Hill Chanmpagne Collection Face Palette? You can buy it at

Look at that beauty! The love-inspired colours are not just amazing to look at, but will also look amazing on your lady’s face for sure 🙂


Like I said over and over, presents need not be expensive! There are simple items that can still make your woman’s penchant for sparkly things tickle.


I recommend Pandora’s Valentine 2017 Collection

It’s not just about the addictive beauty of Pandora pieces, it’s about the memories that come with each charm and the fun while collecting them 🙂

Sparkly doesn’t necessarily mean jewellery. A bottle of bubbly is sparkly enough! I recommend my favourite bottle of Moet Chandon 🙂




As I grew older (and wiser I hope), the gift if TIME became the most significant and valuable present I ever received and gave in return. Whether you gift your woman with YOUR time on a lovely dinner date or movie night, or you gift her with HER TIME ALONE at a pampering session – SHE WILL BE DELIGHTED FOR SURE! I suppose most moms would prefer the latter haha 🙂

How about a luxuriously relaxing treatment for you and your lady at The Devarana Spa 

The Pink Passion Spa Retreat is a special treat for the whole month of February. It includes a 30-minute body scrub and 60-minute aromatic massage.


Please don’t be limited by these recommendations. There are so MANY gift options available during this love month. So many promos too so take advantage of those! Think of something your loved one will truly appreciate and not what others will think of once she posts it on Instagram. The more personal, the better!

Here’s to a month, year, and lifetime filled with romance and special moments shared with our loved ones! 🙂


*All photos of my recommendations are not mine and were borrowed from the brands’  official Instagram accounts*



“Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.” -John Lennon




Spreading the Love,

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