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April 1, 2016

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at the things in life that don’t really matter.”


Yesterday around noon, I got so excited about the Instagram post of the very popular editorial blog, Baby and Breakfast. They featured my daughter’s first birthday party on their site and mommies know that it is a BIG DEAL!

When you are a bride, you desire for your wedding to be featured on Bride and Breakfast. And when you’re a mom, you desire for your baby’s party to be feature on Baby and Breakfast. To be honest, I really don’t know why it’s a big deal but it simply is. Perhaps we can attribute this to how these sites have gained so much popularity and following. It’s like a model’s dream to be on the cover of vogue haha! Or not! But believe me, suppliers would do anything to be featured in those sites and they would consider it an “honor” when they do get featured.

So anyway, I got a message from my hubby who was very busy in the hospital. He even found out before I did! So I quickly checked on Instagram and the site and there it was! Sparkling, shimmering, “Basking In Boho Beauty”…that was the title. I immediately called my mom who is always so excited about anything related to her grand daughter. Then I messaged my suppliers turned girlfriends Val and Meng. They were all absolutely ecstatic! 🙂



A good thirty minutes of being so giddy and proud…

And then something happened.

After posting the feature on my Facebook wall, I started browsing through my feed. When all of a sudden the feed was filled with SADNESS. I saw three posts that just changed everything…

  • First I saw the news article about an eighth-month old baby in China being stabbed 90 times after biting his mom’s nipple while breastfeeding. As if the article was not shocking enough, they posted photos of the baby with so many stitches and wounds! My GOD! Seriously? What kind of mother would do that??? When I read some more, it turns out the mother seems to be suffering from some severe post partum depression. And that is something that should not be taken for granted. A lot of moms may suffer this kind of condition and they should be treated! I felt so much pity for the child who did not deserve that, pity for the mom, and most importantly I felt so much gratitude for my breastfeeding journey and for not experiencing post partum depression. Thank You, Lord.
  • I scrolled down some more then I saw a news article about an innocent little girl being randomly attacked and almost beheaded in Taiwan. Her mother tried to stop the killer but was not able to. I probably would have gone crazy, traumatized, and totally broken if this happened to me. But the child’s mother was so full of grace, and even issued a statement that was so heart warming. There were just too much emotions going on in me after seeing this. Raging anger for the killer, so much sadness for the child, heartbreak for the family, and admiration for the mom. I could not find the right words to describe how I feel about it but to put it simply, I just hope and pray it never happens to me and my family.
  • And finally a very sad announcement… the brave daughter of Jay and Feliz Lucas #CourageousCaitie has already passed away after a grueling battle with a rare kind of leukemia. My heart was broken into a million pieces. Especially after seeing the photos of her last moments on earth… it was so difficult to hold back the tears. In fact, I did an ugly cry. There was just no other way. Even if I do not know these people personally and I only know them as some of my friends’ wedding suppliers, I really felt their pain. Caitie was their firstborn. She was once a healthy and precious little girl who became so thin, so ill, and so helpless. I was genuinely empathizing and no words could describe the way I felt very very heavy that day.  My deepest condolences to the Lucas family. Say hi to Jesus for us, Caitie!

I immediately closed my Facebook and didn’t check until today. I headed over to the room where my baby girl was fast asleep for her afternoon nap. I kissed her, hugged her, and I cried quietly, thanking God that she is okay.

– – –

You see, just like that, my short-lived kid-like happiness and mommy-pride turned into sadness and embarrassment.

It dawned on me.

There are just so many things far more valuable than being recognized by a popular editorial blog.

With all due respect to Baby and Breakfast (that site is really awesome you know).

There I was sitting at the comfort of my home, thinking about these superficial things, dwelling on a “first world problem” of not having a nanny for one month because she will be on vacation starting this weekend… while these children and these parents are having these LIFE CHANGING BATTLES.

I know that in life we all have unique battles of our own. Some may be considered tougher than those of others’ but that does not mean the simpler or smaller ones are less meaningful, less painful, or less triumphant.

BUT at the same time, it is important to try and THINK ABOUT THE THINGS THAT TRULY MATTER. What really matters to you, what really matters to your family.

Sometimes we wallow in our own little made up worlds, blinded by vanity, insincerity, materialism… filled with arrogance or self-pity brought about by so much pressure from unnecessary whims of society. We forget about what truly matters to us.

Most importantly, let’s bear in mind that PRAYER and GRATEFULNESS will be our greatest weapons against evil in the world. We may not be able to control  external forces and the inevitable circumstances life may bring but we have these two to keep us grounded, to give us peace of mind, to keep us strong in faith.

Finally, we must try to make even the simple things count; because there is more to life than recognition and grandeur. There is more to life, and sometimes, life will surprise us when we find them in the littlest things we never noticed before.

I am truly  grateful for many many things in my life. They say I got my dream wedding, I married my best friend and high school sweet heart, I got nice jobs in good companies without really applying for them and my former career used to pay well, I had the chance to travels a lot, I now have a beautiful family, recently my daughter celebrated her fun party, and many more… But if there is just one thing I am TRULY grateful for… I am grateful to Him for keeping my daughter and my family safe, healthy, and happy. I will always continue to pray for the same thing every single day, because to me, this is ALL THAT MATTERS.



I hope you take time to find what truly matters.



Full of Realizations Today,


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