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What To Buy In Japan

April 18, 2017

What to buy in Japan?


Summer vacation in the Philippines is the period that most families take advantage of. Aside from escaping from the terrible Manila heat, this is when the kids are on vacation from school and parents can take leaves (usually an extended break from Holy Week).

Last week, beautiful travel photos bombarded my Instagram account, and it’s not surprising that most of my friends and relatives chose to visit the land of the rising sun. Japan is most beautiful from March to April because of Sakura season. And boy I am really starting to get jealous already. I was there last autumn and absolutely enjoyed myself! Maybe next year we can also come and see the pretty cherry blossoms.

So speaking of my trip there last autumn which I briefly posted about here, many of you have asked me about where to eat, which tourists spots to visit, what to buy… etc.

Trust me, I’ll be needing a separate post on WHAT TO EAT because mannn that is 90% of what I did in Japan…Stuff myself with DELCICIOUS Japanese food! Nom nom nom.

Let me share with you first my shopping Haul and a quick guide on WHAT TO BUY in Japan. P.S. I hope my friends don’t forget my pasalubongs haha!



For Me – The Vanity Haul

Eyebrows on fleek please! K-Palette is much cheaper there of course!

LuLuLun sheet masks are quite popular so I bought some to try; Love their Botanist brand shampoo and conditioner; Shiseido oil films are great for my oily skin; DHC lip balms are super moisturising; They have nice brushes too.

You probably already know by now that I don’t use a lot of makeup products except for eyebrow pencils and lip balms. So glad that Japan is the land of eyebrows on fleek! Seriously so many to choose from! Yes, I hoarded but I’m shy to show you guys how much I got so let’s pretend I only bought one piece each brand. Haha! 🙂

Just like Korea, they have super cute packaging. But I think Korea is more obsessed with makeup and vanity. But don’t get me wrong; Japanese beauty products are one of the best! Uhm hello, Shiseido!


For Kiddo – The Baby Haul

Cute puppy from Kuromon market; Super convenient traveling spoon and the Pigeon petite straw bottle which bubba loves 

Okay you might find this funny but Japan has super cool toothbrushes! I mean seriously, look at those cute 360-degree brushes for babies! Love them and yes hoarded them!


For The Fam – The Yummy Haul

So where do I even begin? Food food and more food for the family. This isn’t even half of what we bought! I just couldn’t take pictures of everything, sorry! Some of them we also ate already haha! 🙂 But yeah, please buy as much Japanese treats as you can and you won’t regret it.

Now we couldn’t live without the Muji instant Matcha Tea Latte and Wakame instant miso soup with no MSG


Of course, SWEETS! All kinds of Pocky flavours there – even Sake flavour! 


Wasabi chips please! I love anything wasabi!

Okay, let’s get things straight. Everything in Japan is delicious. Even their air is delicious. Haha kidding! 🙂 And look at those adorable packaging! Ugh. Take my money.

Not in photo are the super yummy Royce Chocolates. Buy from the airport before heading back home. A lot cheaper too than the prices here in Manila.


For Me Again – The Stationery Haul

Most of these were bought at TOKYU HANDS

Sorry but at my age, I might be the only girl who gets more excited in seeing pens and stationery than seeing makeup. Haha! LOVE all the papers and notebooks I saw there. And their pens oh my goodness! Unfortunately, most of them were quite pricey so I had to control myself.


No photo – SHOES!!!

If you are a sneaker head then Japan is the place for you. They have the latest sneaker models and unique color ways. Make sure to visit stores like ATMOS.

I only bought one pair for myself. Woohoo thank you, self control. But my daughter bought 3 pairs! Their collection for kids is really superb and we can’t find most of the models in Manila so yeah we had to take advantage of that.

– – –

So there you have it ladies and gents! A wallet-draining list for your next trip!

To be honest, we had very little time to shop because we focused on eating and taking photos. Plus we had a toddler in tow. But there is really so much to buy there. It’s a food paradise and shopping mecca as well.




Harigatou Gozaimasu,


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